Bay to Breakers

Race Identity, Digital Marketing, Environmental Design

Jake Hirsch
Endurance Team Manager

Wasserman Media is a marketing group that specializes across a multitude of sports and entertainment. I worked closely with the Endurance team, initially assisting with pitch decks to future sponsors.
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How can we re-brand a marathon's legacy?

Brand Identity + Iconography

We designed a brand new Identity Logo, as well as iconography that was eventually featured on the 30-foot tall trusses that all of the runners started and finished through. 

Alaska Airlines Bay To Breakers 2017 Iconography

Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers 2017 Start Line

Additional Branding

In addition, in 2018, Team Wasserman announced that they were announcing an extension of the race: the Breakers Bonus. We created various logo lockups, and ultimately landed on one that spotlighted the mascot of the race, Ape Hasbury. 

Breakers Bonus Logos
Breakers Bonus Alternative Logos
Other Initial Concepts

Bay to Breakers Founding Member Medal

Breakers Bonus Medal beside Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers Medal

Digital Marketing

We had a year long process of creating digital assets leading up to the race. These assets included social media posts, gifs, and stickers for the race’s camera app.

Facebook Header for Bay to Breakers

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