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DRYPT is an activewear brand that promotes overcoming the inner obstacles in all of us.
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How can we design an e-commerce experience that stands out?


Initially, DRYPT reached out to refine their Brand Identity. They've had their product and logo designed, but were unsure how to approach their marketing strategy.

We provided DRYPT with different moodboards, showcasing alternative ways we can present their brand. Ultimately, we came to a fruition to present the brand as a brand for the individual. By circling the Brand Pillars and the audiences they are trying to captivate, DRYPT is more clearly able to hone down on their marketing efforts.

Web Design + Development

With a Brand Strategy in mind, DRYPT needed to develop their E-commerce Platform. Over the course of a month, we worked on lo-fi wireframes, hi-fidelity mock ups, to a working prototype in Webflow. We then converted the site from Webflow to Shopify where they can have more power controlling their inventory and marketing efforts.


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