G Smile Care




Logo Design, Website Design + Development, Branding, Photography


Jennifer Pham

Keith Drago


We worked with Dr. Haig Gazarian and Dr. Neda Ghofranian to develop branding and their digital presence for a new dental care facility. Fresh out of dental school, they aim to become a new wave of dentistry in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Problem

How can we design a dental brand to be more contemporary and approachable?

The work

Logo Design + BRANDING

After our initial meeting going over the goals and target audience, we went through and looked at local competitors in the San Gabriel Valley area. We took a look at what seems to be resonating and where lies room for improvement.

We also provided the dentists with different moodboards, showcasing alternative ways we can present their brand.

G Smile Care Discovery Deck

G Smile Care Logos
G Smile Care Initial Mockups

Web Design + Development

A fast and responsive website was developed on Webflow, a next-gen platform for building custom websites. We spent 5 weeks to outline, develop, and launch the site.

G Smile Care Web Design Desktop
G Smile Care Website Responsive on Phone


Photographs of the interiors were taken for promotion and the website.

G Smile Care Interiors Photography