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Kristen Merry, Caitlin Cordtz
Creative Directors

Danny Spena

LATHER is an eco-conscious skincare and wellness brand in Pasadena, CA. Their goal is to make products with natural and unique ingredients not offered in the conventional market. Under Kristen Merry, we created a series of 7 e-mails on-boarding new prospects to the LATHER brand.
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Website Relaunch

I was signed on at a very important time for LATHER. They were at the beginning stages of developing their new website and needed all hands on deck. Under Creative Director Caitlin Cordtz, I helped with the re-launching of their new e-commerce site from Magneto to Shopify, and assisted with the entirety of the website's digital media. I was in close communication with the developer to ensure that the website matched our hi-res mocks.

Email Series

We created a series of 7 emails that introduced the LATHER brand and offerings. We had to make sure the emails were responsive both on desktop and mobile screens.

LATHER Welcome Email Series 1

LATHER Welcome Email Series 2

LATHER Welcome Series Email 3

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